1. Is everything remote? Why?

Yup! Expanding the community beyond geographical location or institution would remove unnecessary barriers for people to join and remove unnecessary limits on our learning.

2. Can non-members join events?

Events that are open to non-members will be shown on our events page & in our monthly newsletter. However, non-members will have to buy a ticket for each event while members have access to all events. Additionally, non-members won't have access to community projects and resources.

3. Do I have to commit to the full 8 months?

Only if you got the full 8 month membership. Otherwise, you can get the month-to-month membership and pause the membership during months that you want to take a break, or you can cancel the membership if you can't continue on for the rest of the time left.

4. Will the events be live? What platform will events be hosted on? What is the timing of events?

Yup, all events will be live! The current default is Zoom (but this is subject to change) and the time zone will be based on US/European time. The timing of events is dependent on member preferences.

Here is a curated document with in depth & detailed answers to other questions we've been receiving.


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